Leave the hard work and stress to us

At RentDXB our approach is simple.  We provide professional, trustworthy property management services, from tenant screening to renting to maintenance. Our expert property management team takes on the day-to-day chores of managing your rental property so you can enjoy a successful investment, stress free!

We provide full-service residential management as well as property rental services. Whether you own one investment property, or many, we have a service tailor-made to meet your needs.

We’ll take on the following responsibilities:

· Marketing your vacant or soon to be vacant property
· Screening and selecting tenants
· Implementing a legal lease agreement
· Collecting rent (if needed)
· Tracking and reporting financial transactions (from tenant to you)
· Conducting residential overviews Dewa/Ejari registration
· Responding to and solving maintenance requests

The service we provide at RentDXB is above and beyond anything else available in the Dubai real estate market. Our approach is highly sophisticated, intelligent, unique, effective, and beneficial to our clients on a variety of levels

We excel at doing the jobs that require too much time and attention from you (and often give you headaches and stress). Our management fees are fair and competitively priced. RentDXB Property Management has a proven track record of experience to handle your properties with care. Let us go to work for you!

Property Management Services Bronze (Free) Silver Gold
Marketing your property
Finding a tenant/tenant screening
Preparing the tenancy agreement, collective relevant document for the contract
Re-marketing and management of vacant property between tenancies
DEWA Connection assistance
Providing EJARI process guidance
Managing tenant check in/checkout services
Collecting and depositing cheques
Managing maintenance/repair of the property
Dedicated property manager
Reports (Every 6 Months)
Managing tenant disputes